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Boomerang Paint

Boomerang products are made from unused portions of recovered domestic paint and stain remains. In order to guarantee the quality of Boomerang products, about 1% of new material is added to the remains, providing adequate and consistent luster levels, viscosity and drying time.

Boomerang latex paint is a top quality product that has low luster and can be used in most rooms in the home "on walls and ceilings" wherever adurable, washable low-luster finish is desired.

Boomerang alkyd paint offers a pearl finish and its performance on any outside surface is impeccable. Our exterior alkyd stain penetrates wood deeply, offering excellent resistance to all kinds of weather. Our semi-luster interior varnish provides excellent protection for all wooden surfaces, except floors.


Boomerang paint is easy to apply, gives excellent coverage and its color remains constant between batches. It can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun.

Numerous professionals who use it in their daily work are highly satisfied with the results and the major savings it provides.

Paint performance is measured according to a number of indicators recognized by the paint industry. These include opacity, sagging, leveling, washability and abrasion resistance. Our specialists have compared Boomerang paints to products made entirely from “new” material, in an equivalent or higher price bracket, and as a result we are able to state that Boomerang products more than meet industry standards. Naturally, all our products are carefully inspected and tested before being marketed.

Boomerang products available at Continent Paint & Wallpaper. For more information on Bommerang products
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About Boomerang Paint Products

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