Marine Rust Resistant Enamel Industrial Maintenance Alkyd Pain

Porch & Floor Acrylic & Alkyd Finish

Ideal for occupied buildings - Clean air environmental coating - Zero VOC technology - Excellent hide & washability - Made in Canada - Available in flat, eggshell or semi-gloss - A fast drying, high performance acrylic finish for interior applications in high wear areas where high maintenance is required. The low odour and VOC levels makes this product ideal for sensitive areas where odours are undesirable for example in hospitals, schools and other occupied buildings.

  • For indoor walls, ceilings and trim - Excellent sealing & adhesion - Exceptional stain killing & blocking.
  • Fast-drying: 30 minutes - Made in Canada - The Super-Hero of primers, sealers and stain blockers! X-terminator primer and sealer out- muscles the toughest stains. Quick drying interior/exterior primer with exceptional sealing, adhesion and stain killing/blocking properties. Recommended for use on drywall, plaster, hardboard, masonry, wood and previously painted interior walls, ceilings and trim. Will block stains, seal surfaces and provide excellent adhesion on most substrates.

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Private Estate Super Premium Acrylic Latex

Tradesman Interior Latex Coatings

  • For marine, light industrial & household use - On marine engines up to 121° - Lead-free.
  • Wets out steel & stops rust - For interior and exterior surfaces - In high-gloss and flat.
  • Made in Canada. - A lead-free enamel that can be applied directly on steel and wood without a primer. Contains a special penetrating resin that can either bite into new wood for a superior bond or wet out steel surfaces and stop rust. Can also be applied to all other suitable primed interior and exterior surfaces. This product is tough enough for marine and light industrial applications, yet safe enough for household use. Suitable on marine engines up to 121ºC (250ºF) with some discoloration.

For textured ceilings & ceiling tiles - Super low-odour - Hides most stains in a single coat - Made in Canada. - A super low-odour paint specifically formulated for textured ceilings and ceiling tiles. The unique alkyd formulation will not dissolve ceiling texture and hide most stains in a single coat, but without the typical alkyd paint odour.

For over a century, General Paint has been providing superior paints and coatings that stand up to the challenges of everyday living. General Paint is committed to creating cutting-edge products, working with you to fulfill your project needs, and bringing you the best solutions available.

General Paint defines themselves as a successful and triumphant company that has achieved the greatest reward by reaching 100 years within the paint industry. This unprecedented legacy comes with a great deal of honour and pride, as well as a great deal of celebration.

Since 2007, General Paint has been part of Comex Group; the fourth largest architectural paint company in North America, and the leading coating manufacturer and distributor in Mexico and Central America.

Comex Group serves the diverse needs of professionals and homeowners through over 3,300 locations from Canada to Panama. Despite our extensive geographical reach, each customer receives personalized attention.

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Woodcraft Siding And Fence Stain Solid Colour Acrylic Latex

A high opacity latex paint ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other areas of the home where a washable finish is desired. Available in flat, eggshell & semi-gloss finish.

Breeze Exterior Waterborne Acrylic Latex

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Int/Ext Monamel Low VOC Waterborne Alkyd Coating

Woodcraft Deck Stain - Semi-Transparent Low Sheen Synthetic Resin

  • For open or planked wooden decks - Decorative and hard wearing - Highly Water and abrasion resistant.
  • Fungicidal agent inhibits mildew - Made in Canada. - A decorative and protective penetrating stain finish for open or planked wooden decks. Not designed for use on plywood (see Spantex). Provides a higher degree of water and abrasion resistance than normal semi-transparent stains. 


Premium quality - Easy to apply - Spatter resistant - Washable finish - Made in Canada - Available in flat, eggshell & semi-gloss - A fast-drying superior quality latex paint for interior application on walls and ceilings. Suitable for plaster, drywall, concrete and suitably primed surfaces. Has spatter free application properties.

  • Ideal for re-staining - For all types of wood decks - For siding, fencing & patio furniture.
  • Inhibits mildew growth - Durable and water resistant - Made in Canada. A premium quality stain formulated to provide a uniform colour on wood while enhancing the natural wood grain. This stain provides a tough durable finish on all types of wood decks including paintable pressure treated lumber. The cured film has good resistance to water, sunlight and mildew, and will resist cracking, flaking and peeling when applied to a properly prepared surface. May also be used on other wood surfaces such as siding, fencing and patio furniture.

Breeze Interior Waterborne Acrylic Latex

Cover All Hi-Hide Interior Latex Coatings

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Z-Coat Enviro-Friendly Waterborne Acrylic Latex

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Fresh-Tex Low Odour Alkyd Ceiling Coating

Kitchen & Bath Acrylic Latex

X-Terminator 2 Latex Primer & Sealer

Exterior Products

  • Ideal for re-staining - For siding, shakes, shingles & fencing - Provides a uniform colour.
  • Inhibits mildew growth - Weather resistant - Excellent penetration & adhesion - Made in Canada - A premium quality latex wall stain formulated to provide uniform colour on new or previously stained wood. Enhances the natural texture of the wood grain. This stain is 100% acrylic latex, pigmented and tinted with lightfast colours. With a mildewcide to inhibit mildew growth on the surface of the coating, this stain provides a tough and durable finish on exterior smooth or rough siding, shakes, shingles and fencing. May be applied to slightly damp (not wet) surfaces. Not recommended for roofs, decks or over previously painted surfaces.

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Woodcraft Siding Stain Semi-Transparent Oil

Ceiling Latex Spatter Resistant Coating

  • For porch, floors & stairs - For interior and exterior surfaces - Heavy bodied.
  • Extremely durable & flexible - Made in Canada - Available in tough flexible eggshell latex and gloss oil coating for new or previously painted wood or concrete floors, porches and stairs. May also be used as a top coat or to freshen up decks or floor surfaces previously coated with Hypalon or Latex Deck Coating. 

Interior Products

Paint & Wallpaper

For ceilings and upper walls - No glare finish - High opacity - Quick drying - Made in Canada - Available in flat - A fast-drying, high-hiding latex paint for interior application on upper walls and ceilings not subjected to wear or washing.

General Paint

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  • Ideal for new exterior wood siding - Enhances natural beauty of the wood - Water repellent and UV protective.
  • Made in Canada. - A decorative and protective water repellent stain finish for exterior wood siding. Semi-Transparent Stain enhances the natural beauty of the wood. The pigmentation provides protection from the ultra violet light while maintaining the natural colour. Widely used by producers of pre-finished siding. Contains no creosote to prevent subsequent painting at a later date. 

For kitchen, bath & laundry room - Moisture resistant - Inhibits mildew growth - Excellent adhesion - Made in Canada - Available in eggshell & semi-gloss. - A fast-drying acrylic finish with excellent adhesion to new surfaces and to previously painted latex and alkyd finishes. Formulated for kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms where moisture and condensation occur. Kitchen and Bath contains a fungicidal agent to inhibit mildew growth on the surface of the coating. Ideal for surfaces requiring a very durable, washable and scrubbable finish.

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Premium quality - Weather resistant - Breathable finish - Resistant to blistering and mildew - Made in Canada.- A quick drying, extremely weather-resistant latex finish for all exterior wood, stucco and masonry surfaces. Requires no undercoat on previously painted surfaces. Resistant to blistering and mildew.  Available in flat & semi gloss finish.

Woodcraft Solid Colour Acrylic Deck Stain Acrylic Latex

A Professional quality latex paint designed to provide a durable and washable finish for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other areas of the home etc. Available in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and pearl finish.

Interior / exterior advanced waterborne alkyd – Maximum durability & scrubbability – Block resistant – Dry film like an alkyd with water clean-up – Stain resistant, withstands household cleaners – Low odour, under 50g/I VOC’s – Excellent flow & self leveling formula – MPI approved – Complies with the Canadian environmental standards / LEED.  Available in eggshell, semi-gloss & gloss finish.

For hallways, living & dining room - Exceeds any North American paint - Non spatter & quick dry - Made in Canada - Available in flat, eggshell or semi-gloss - A premium quick dry, non spatter, enamel finish for interior use. Provides a high hide, durable finish having excellent flow and good soil resistance. For architectural service in hallways, living and dining rooms, etc., where a higher than average quality finish is required.