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About Loop Paint

Important facts about Loop Paint:

  • It is the most environmentally friendly paint in the marketplace.  Loop Paint has low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) below 50g/l … actually lower than an expensive “0” VOC paint plus colourant which is typically over 100 g/l.  Also the manufacturing process produces 88% less green house gas and is packaged in 100% recycled plastic containers.
  • Loop Paint is manufactured with the same quality standards of $29 - $34 gallon of paint.  Providing you with One Coat Coverage, Self-Priming, Non-Spatter and Washable paint.
  • Loop Paint is available in several standard colours - Interior/exterior latex, alkyd, wood stain and floor finishes at highly competitive pricing starting as low as $21.99 per gallon. Loop Paint products available at Continent Paint & Wallpaper.

​​Loop Paint products available at Continent Paint & Wallpaper.

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Loop Paint

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